Visualize your Custom Design with 3D Modeling

Two-dimensional modeling with maps, stamps, and measurements is so 1985. At Creative Spaces of Rochester, we want to be on the same page with our clients every step of the way, from concept to completion. That’s why we include 3D modeling on all of our projects.

See exactly what you’re really going to get.

Home remodeling is a very personal process that involves a lot of communication. If it turns out that we’re not on the same page or we’ve misunderstood one of your requests, the earlier we figure that out, the better. 3D modeling of your creative transformation lets us build it before we build it so you know exactly what to expect. We love how this allows our clients to play an active role in designing and tweaking their renovations.

Why bother with 3D modeling?

It protects the design vision.

Creative Spaces of Rochester is committed to creating your best possible space, and that means we have to get things right the first time. Your 3D images or walkthrough act as an insurance policy for the design. It visualizes the project so that we can talk about concrete specifics, not vague ideas.

It protects your budget.

Do-overs aren’t good for anyone. Having a visual representation of your completed kitchen, bathroom, or basement minimizes the risk of error and ensures you’ll be happy with the end result.

It protects our timeline.

We’ve gotten pretty good at projecting timelines, and our livelihood depends on sticking to them. 3D models help us to accurately plan for your project and make adjustments at the beginning, before we start working with materials in your home.

It’s just plain awesome.

Remodeling your master bathroom into a spa is a great gift, but it’s hard to keep it a secret from your wife. Our 3D videos and images create a visual way to make a big impact. They’ll even get your kids excited about remodeling.