The Stages of a Transformation

It Starts With Your Free Design Consultation

rochester-home-remodeling-consultationThe initial consultation is our time to get a feel for your home, the proposed project, and whether it’s a good fit. It’s important that you share with us your goals, preferences, and what you know about your budget. If you’re not sure about your budget, we can estimate the price of your project per square foot and make recommendations based on your ideal numbers. We’ll measure your space and start considering precise details based on your chosen options and the space in your home.

Site Survey
Concept and design
3D renditions of your Creative Space
Selection of Materials and Colors
Pricing & finding cost effective solutions to Create your Space

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We call our most exciting projects “creative transformations” because they take your room or home to the next level both functionally and aesthetically. Our custom design process is what sets us apart from other remodeling contractors. We believe that design drives every other step through the completion of a project. That’s why craftsmanship and attention to detail are so important to our process. Our team is focused on your project from start to finish, and you won’t catch our people cutting corners or wasting time.

3D Modeling lets you see your space.

To make sure that we’re always on the same page, we’ve made 3D modeling a standard part of every remodeling project. Based on precise measurements, your preferences, and our design recommendations, we create a three-dimensional walkthrough of your new room or outdoor space. This lets you make tweaks to your design without adding extra cost. There’s no better way to show you exactly what you can expect from your unique Creative Spaces project.


Depending on the scope of the project, the area of the Creative Transformation will be prepared to the Highest standards of quality in observance of all state, city, and town codes.

Throughout the process, you will have direct contact with the owner, who is there to supervise your project from start to finish. Drew will be able to help you with design selections and address any concerns that may have.

We Respect Your Time and Your Home

We understand that our work happens in your home — where your life happens. That’s why we believe that realistic timelines are the only way to deliver respectful service. When we give you a timeline, you can rest assured that your project will be wrapped up as quickly as planned. We won’t start construction on your project until all materials are on site. Once renovations begin, our team is focused on your project until it’s complete and you’re satisfied.


The Creative Spaces Team will work diligently to complete the project in the timeliest fashion. We don’t start any project unless ALL materials are on site or in staging at our warehouse. We understand that having work performed on your home is an inconvenience, so we are not going to stop once we start!

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship are things we want you to enjoy and appreciate throughout the life of your newly transformed space


We do create beautiful spaces, but that’s not actually the heart of what we do. Our driving principle is to add to your quality of life by making your home more enjoyable than you ever thought possible. The goal is ultimately to bring the family together, make your hobby or home office possible, and just make you generally happier during your time spent at home.

We don’t strive for 100% satisfaction, we expect it! Whether your space is a pond, patio, fireplace, kitchen, or bath, we will provide you with a Creative Space that you and your family can enjoy for years while adding beauty and value to your home.

3D Modeling
Prepping Your Space
Quality Audit