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Custom Bathroom Design

Design Mockup of a Small Rochester BathroomAs kitchen and bath remodelers, we’re often shocked at how long people wait before fixing their problem bathrooms. Aside from kitchens, bathrooms are the most important functional rooms in our homes. They help us take care of the essential tasks of everyday life. Creative Spaces of Rochester takes all of your needs into account when we design a new bathroom for you. That means your time, your space, your wish list, and your budget. We get creative by designing amazing spaces that work for you in every way.

Basement Bathroom Design & Installation

When we design a custom bathroom for your basement, you get to see the finished product with 3D images before we even begin renovations. Our Rochester designers and contractors will help you create your vision, even if you’re trying to build a new bathroom in a small or difficult space. Our pros can renovate an existing bathroom, turn unused space into an interesting custom design, or design and install a brand new basement bathroom from square one. Nothing brings harmony to a home like a new extra bathroom!

Small Bathrooms

Creating a great small bathroom is truly an art. Unlike other rooms of the house, every bathroom has essential components that can’t be left out. Every time we work on a small bathroom, it’s a new puzzle figuring out the best way to use the space for the most comfortable bathroom in the end. If you have a small bathroom that’s not working for you, or if you’d like to turn a small space into an extra bathroom, Creative Spaces of Rochester can help. We invite you to check out our gallery of bathroom projects, which includes some examples of our work in tiny bathrooms and half-baths. If you’re ready to find out what’s possible for your small space, give us a call today at (585) 269-1157.

Luxury Bathrooms

If you’re lucky enough to be considering a luxury bathroom remodel, we’d love to talk to you about the possibilities. Thanks to modern design and affordable quality, Creative Spaces has had the privilege designing gorgeous bathrooms that deliver the spa experience every single day. Our team takes care of every step, from design and 3D walkthroughs, to demolition and construction, to the literal polishing of the fine details. We don’t start your project until all materials are on site and ready to go, and we stick to our budgets and timelines. That’s why you can trust us to create an oasis for you in one of the most treasured areas of your home.

Walk-In Tubs for Independent Living

If you’re investing in your retirement home or taking care of an aging loved one, you might know that bathroom remodeling sometimes becomes an issue of safety. As we age, the location and layout of our bathrooms becomes more and more important. Those with limited mobility can have a difficult time taking care of themselves, and the water used in daily hygiene can make slick surfaces dangerous. At Creative Spaces, we’ll help you consider what you need from your bathroom space today and in the future. Our focused approach to your project means that we’ll minimize the time your space is out of use, and we’ll make sure that no loose ends go unaddressed. We have the resources and experience to recommend the kinds of simple changes that make restrooms easier to use as homeowners age.

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