Rochester Custom Backyard Ponds & Water Features

Creative Spaces of Rochester creates beautiful water features for gardens and landscapes. We have access to natural raw materials, as well as quality pre-fabricated design elements to meet the unique needs of your property and lifestyle. Whether you envision a tranquil garden pool or a small, bubbly waterfall, we can help you incorporate water in exciting and affordable ways.

Planning Makes Perfection

If you’re adding a pond or water feature and you’ve never had one before, we can’t emphasize enough how important the planning phase is. Creative Spaces of Rochester has designed and built an incredible variety of installations that have incorporated water. We have the expertise and design experience to consider all the important aspects of planning before we ever put a shovel to the ground. We’ll help you understand what to expect, how to take care of your water feature, and how to minimize frustration over the life of your property.

We get strategic about sunlight.

Sunlight and temperature play a huge role in the enjoyment you’ll get out of your backyard pond or water feature. Too much or too little sunlight can upset an ecosystem, so we carefully consider sun exposure when planning outdoor living spaces.

We help you plan for uninvited guests.

From ants and earthworms to raccoons and bears, wildlife loves water. It’s important to be aware of the creatures that might be attracted to your yard by your new pond, and to consider the role your water features will play on the local flora and fauna.

We show you the transformation before we get started.

Early in the design process for your pond, waterfall, waterscape, or other water feature, you’ll get to see 3D renderings of your completed project. This lets you share our vision for your landscape and to troubleshoot before actually building.

Creative Spaces of Rochester can handle any size project in all kinds of landscape conditions. We have years of experience working with the soil, stone, weather, and other features unique to Upstate New York. Call us to find out what’s possible for your outdoor space.

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