Custom Rochester Pergolas, Cabanas & Gazebos

When it comes to custom structures that give you a place to enjoy your outdoor space, the options are endless. The right decision can depend on your lifestyle, weather concerns, or the unique demands of your property. We are a full-service contracting company local to Rochester, and all our years of experience were literally built on Upstate New York terrain. During your free initial consultation, we’ll help you understand all the different options and get your feedback about exactly how and why you want to transform this part of your home.

A Vacation in Your Backyard

Hanging out in a regular yard can be really nice, but adding a small structure can dramatically improve the amount and quality of time you can spend out of doors. A gazebo or curtained cabana can create fun and safe play space for kids, or an easily accessible retreat for romantic moments.

Exceptional for Entertaining

Once you have the home of your dreams, it’s a bummer to have to leave to socialize all the time. A cabana, pergola, or gazebo lets you bring the party to you – in a private and comfortable way. These structures are very popular for young families and established adults who want to add new entertaining options to their existing homes. Creative spaces can take care of everything from conception through construction and cleanup, and we’ll make sure that your preferences carry through the final result.

Transform your backyard into a versatile retreat for private moments and occasions to celebrate. Call Creative Spaces of Rochester to find out what’s possible.

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Rochester Custom Pergolas, Cabanas & Gazebos